Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Country Lane Tree Farm: Genoa, Ohio

*It's been a long time so let me remind you,

Alice is the pretty girl in the pink &

Mr. Wiggles is the cutie pie in the blue.

This is the

Country Lane Tree Farm in Genoa, Ohio

3525 N. Bolander Road
Genoa, Ohio 43430


Weeks ago my friend A.H. asked my sprinkles and I to go on an outing. So we pulled on our rain boots (i was so happy we did, along with knee-highs) and off we went to the FARM.

Country Lane Tree Farm is owned and operated by the Bowlander family, the 5th generation to operate the farm. The Family Homestead, Barn and buildings were built in 1883. The same family has farmed the farm for over 126 years. Country Lane Tree Farm is still a working agricultural and animal farm. The Bowlander’s are very proud of the history of their farm.

We took the tour recommended for Pre-K through 3rd graders, where the kids interacted with full grown animals in their natural settings. The highlight of this tour is MILKING OUR DAIRY COW, “JERSEY GIRL”! (Yes, she is a LIVE COW, not a replica!!!) The children fed and pet animals including: goat families, sheep families, and “Violet”, the pot-bellied pig. They fed many chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, and peacocks that roam freely on the farm. The Reindeer & Fallow Deer families were fun to meet as well. You will also be able to hold bunnies, and hold ducklings or chicks. The Straw Maze is included also. All along the tour the children were taught educational and interesting facts about the animals, their habitats, and eating habits.

The children also received a Barrel Train ride. Mr. Wiggles, informed me as we were leaving, he never wants to do that part again!

AND... if this just isn't enough for all of you, the retro old school McDonald's playground equipment awaits the kids at the end of the tour.

go to www.countrylanetreefarm.com for a ton more information and directions to the farm.

we will be visiting the farm agian for our Pumpkins and maybe for our christmas tree as well, it was just that cool.

We had a great time! WHATS NEXT??

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