Friday, November 12, 2010


A friend of mine turned our family on to this AMAZING ice cream.

This isn't just ICE CREAM either, it's MUCH, MUCH MORE.

NOW, don't just sit down & eat the whole pint, you have to make this last.

(at least a few days)

IT IS w o n d e r f u l ! ! (but bad for my waistline)

all of her ice creams are made with ohio dairy from pasture raised cows. no antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides or pesticides... cows eat grass, which their bodies were built to eat.

we have tried several flavors but, you MUST TRY: salty caramel- a perfect salty sweet balance (alice's favorite too)

churchill's maumee & perrysburg carries jeni's

we met jeni at the 2010 food and wine celebration the institue is located on a farm, THE CHEFS GARDEN, in huron, ohio. jeni uses products from this farm.

check out this site for cool things to do with & without the kids.

mollydollylama, you are a GOOD FRIEND!! thank you for introducing us to great new flavors!

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